Forensic Cleaning

Crime scene cleanup

The main focus of crime scene cleanup is to clean and dispose of any biological hazards such as bodily fluids resulting from a violent crime. If these bodily fluids are not cleaned up properly they can spread disease. The forensic cleaning needs to be done with care and precision and should be completed by professionals to ensure that every inch of the crime scene is cleaned appropriately.

Trauma / suicide cleanup

Traumatic instances can be quite detrimental to the mental health of people close to the deceased. It is important for the scene to be cleaned for them to start their morning process. This consists of forensic cleanup of any blood or bodily fluids in the aftermath of any trauma or suicide. The cleanup will cleanse the area of various blood spatters, scattered fragments of all tissue, hair and other biological contamination on the walls and ceiling, throughout the room.

Unnatural death cleanup

 An unnatural death is any death that cannot be linked to natural biological causes. It can be as a result of suicide, an accidental overdose or an unknown cause of death that would require an autopsy. The blood and bodily fluids can be decontaminated and removed, and hazardous substances may be cleaned and disposed of.

Unattended death
Blood cleanup

Cleanup after police investigation

Crime scene cleanup can only take place once the area has been investigated. If the crime scene is disrupted beforehand, it is considered a criminal offense. Once the investigation has been concluded, crime scene cleaners can move in and do what needs to be done. The cleaners remove the body and any other hazardous waste from the area.

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